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Sortie Commando.jpg

"Commando Outing"

From Bandol's harbor
Duration: 1h


If you're a thrill-seeker, you've come to the right place... 


Come aboard a boat designed for the supervision and safety of major ocean races, on a gale-force day...

The thrill of being in the middle of the raging elements, in complete safety...

Wearing a bathing suit, you'll be shaken, soaked and hilarious...

You can stop for a swim, or even go to a deserted island, alone in the world.


Or how to reconnect with Mother Nature...

WARNING: You have to be in a good physical condition!

Non-contractual photos.

  • Small group (10 maxi)

  • Only navigation

  • Fun and very safe boat

  • Extreme exploration

  • Free bottle of water

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