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"Calanque Bathing"

From Bandol's harbor
Départure: 9 AM
Duration: 2h

45€ /pers

35€ /-12 y.o

Head for the sublime calanques of the Var, in the calm and serenity of the morning...


Wild and quieter than the (too) famous calanques of Cassis, the calanques of the Var are perfect for a peaceful swim in their natural pools.

Sail and explore for an hour, then take an hour to dive and discover the translucent seabed...


Refreshing and relaxing guaranteed!

"Morning Exploration"

50€ /pers

40€ /-12 y.o

From Bandol's harbor
Departure: 9:30 AM
Duration: 2h15

Cocktail of sensations for young and old, regional history and sea air!

For those who want to discover the treasures of the region, comfortably seated aboard a fun and safe boat, enjoying the calm and sweetness of the morning.

On the program, the translucent waters of the Bay of Cousse, the Fort de la Cride, Sanary, and the Archipelagos of Embiez including a 45 minutes stop on the deserted island of the Rouveau, its sublime beach, its majestic lighthouse...
A nugget to contemplate with respect.

Sensations and discoveries to start the day ...​

"Embiez Archipelago"

From Bandol's harbor
Departure: 2 PM
Duration: 2h15

50€ /pers

40€ /-12 y.o

For those who like to go in the water !


Head for the sublime Embiez Archipelago : Discovery of its islands and its wild creeks with translucent waters .
Far from the hustle and bustle of crowded beaches, dive in to cool off, or put on your mask and go explore the seabed ...

Discovery of an extraordinary panorama and its secret creeks, accessible only by boat , in the Embiez archipelago.​


Guaranteed change of scenery...

"Sunset Apero"

60€ /pers

From Bandol's harbor
Departure: 6: 30 PM
Duration: 2h30

Beware : You will let loose on this cruise…

Discover Bandol bay, Bendor Island, bay of Cousse, Cride cape, and depending on the weather either the Embiez archipelago or the calanques of the Var...

swim possible in a creek that can only be reached by boat, followed by an apéritif (and music of course)…

Enjoy the sunset on the way back to complete a truly memorable tour…

You will let loose for sure…